Lincoln : A photobiography


Part 1:

Bibliographic Information: Freedman, R. (1987). Lincoln: A photobiography. New York, N.Y.: Clarion Books.

Genre/ Grade Level: Non-fiction biography / 4-5 grade

Part 2:

Personally, I have never been a reader that was interested in non-fiction books. When I saw that I had to read this book next, I was not excited. Don’t get me wrong, I am open to new things but history was never my forte. Now after reading a few pages, I do admire the fact that Freedman included images but I saw this book as a child-version of a history text book. Now obviously the only lesson in this book is about Lincoln but I see this book as a great way to introduce textbooks to kids. Like I said, since i do not like history and am not a fan of non-fictional books, I was a bit biased but after reading the book I tried to think of a positive way to use it in the classroom. I would use this book if kids had to do a presentation on a president or even just a biography about a person. Again, this isn’t my personal pick for books but it was nice to read something outside of my preference.

Part 3:

Since this book is a biography, it is a bit difficult to identify the point of view and plot of the story. This book is about Lincoln’s life so I think the only plot would be his death since he was shot. The setting takes place in the United States, again since this is a biography there is no specific setting. Although I do not enjoy history or non-fiction books one thing I did appreciate in this book was the use of pictures and quotes throughout the story. I feel this added life to the biography (not to say his life was boring) and made readers more intrigued to the book.

Part 4:

Lesson objective: Students will be able to compare and contrast President Lincoln’s life to Martin Luther King Jr’s life. (The reason why I am having students compare these two outstanding leaders is because I feel they had a lot of similar leadership qualities since they both wanted justice for the people, did not promote violence, and were assassinated.

Discussion Questions:

1. What does “emancipation” mean?

2. How could’ve Lincoln became a lawyer if he barely went to school?

3. How do you think Lincoln felt when the Southern states broke away from the United States?

Lesson Activity: Students will have their own presidential election in the class! They will be split into groups (parties) and will have to campaign, do their research, and have to follow similar steps that a past president has done. At the end, the winning party will receive extra credit!

Outside Resources:

A Game for Swallows by Zeina Abirached


Part One

  1. Abirached, Z., & Gauvin, E. (2012). A game for swallows: To die, to leave, to return. Graphic Universe.
  2. Genre: Autobiography/Graphic Novels Suggested Grade Level: 6-8

Part Two

I honestly did not like this book. Maybe this is sexist to say, but I thought it was more a “boy book”. This book was about a girl who was growing up in the Middle East, Lebanon to be exact, during the civil war. Now, right off the bat I really do not like war stories. They depress me and I hate to envision myself living in that situation. All war stories end with some character dying or someone being traumatically affected by war and that book did exactly like that. Zeina’s parents never came back and that affected her and her brother immensely. I think the other reason I did not like this book was because when I read, I always like to imagine I was the main character and in this case, I do have a little brother who I love and protect. So to imagine myself living in the middle of a war zone, with no parents and my little brother to look out for is very depressing. I did enjoy the sketches though. It seemed very much like “doodling” yet very intricate as well.

Part Three

The setting takes place in Beirut, Lebanon during the Civil War. Beirut (the city they live in) is divided into two places due to religion and the plot of the story happens when Zeina’s parents do not return form the other side of town. I honestly do not see a theme to this story except for being grateful for your family. Since this story takes place right in the middle war, it is hard to imagine living under those conditions. Especially when her parents don’t come back, the neighbors take it upon themselves to watch the kids and try to make the most of the situation they are under by making it fun inside the apartment. Due to this, I would say the theme is family and always trying to make the most of any situation—even if you are living in the middle of a war zone.

Part Four

Lesson Objective: Students will be able to learn about the Civil War in Lebanon and the United States and compare and contrast the two wars.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What do you think you would have done if you were in Zeina’s shoes when her parents did not return?
  2. If you were to all of a sudden have to take care of you siblings, what would be some of the activities you would do with them to keep a positive mentality?


Students will research the Cold War that happened in Lebanon and the United States and present a chart that compared and contrasted the two wars.

Outside Sources:
1. ( Pinterest on Civil War activities)

2. (Fact about Lebanon)

3. (Interview with the author)