Wonder by R.J Palacio


Part 1:

  1. Palacio, R. (2012). Wonder(p. 213). Random House Children’s Books.
  2. Grade level: 4-5 Grade, Genre: Fiction for Children

Part 2:

I absolutely loved this book. I really do not know whether it is because I was really emotional this week but this book brought me to tears, laughs, and overall just made me more appreciative of those around me. When I began to read the book I did not know what to expect and was surprised that it didn’t begin to talk about race since this week’s theme was cultural diversity. It wasn’t until a few pages in that I realized this is the perfect book for diversity amongst kids. I can relate to this book a lot from reading how Auggie felt, to the way Via reacted to the kids at school. Personally, I have two autistic cousins and it would make me so angry to hear them speak about how they were bullied at school. Since I couldn’t go to their school, I remember always feeling frustrated because I couldn’t do anything to stop the other kids so reading how Auggie felt really hit home for me.

Another person I related a lot with was Via. Now, although I do not have a little brother with a deformity, I do have a little brother who is overweight. Growing up, I always stood up for him when I would hear the kids make fun of him and he would always just shrug it off. I also related most to Via when she said, “So I’ve gotten used to not complaining, and I’ve gotten used to not bothering Mom and Dad with little stuff.” Growing up, I was blessed to have a big family but with being the big sister comes a lot of responsibility. At one point I was babysitting seven kids and it drove me crazy but I learned to not bother my parents with the little things and just do things on my own. Again, although in the book the environment at home was completely different from mine, I could really relate to Via.

Part 3:

The story takes place in multiple places but the main places were at home and at school. In the beginning of the book, the story was being told in first person point of view by Auggie but towards the middle and end it was told in third person from Via’s point of view, Jack’s, Justin’s, Miranda’s, then back to Auggie. The reoccurring plot in the book was how people treated Auggie due to his facial deformity. The only theme I could think of was how Auggie and those around him changed as the book went on.

Part 4:

Objective: Students will be able to compare and contrast the characters of the book and write about their actions and feelings.


  1. What does Auggie do when he wants to cry?
  2. If you received a phone call from the principal asking you to show a new student around like Auggie, would you want to? Why or why not?
  3. How would you feel if you were in Auggies shoes? Would you want to go to school why or why not?


Student will need to write a one-page story about a time where they defended someone or bullied someone. They need to include where it happened, why it happened, how they felt after, and what they would change about the incident.




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