Reader Response Blog: Madeline

Part One

  1. Bemelmans, L. (1967). Madeline (New Viking ed.). New York: Viking Press.
  2. Grades: Kindergarten- Second Grade

Genre: Rhyming, Fictional Picture Book

Part Two

This book was so adorable. I loved how the author rhymed and the pictures were so big yet so simple. I think this book can have several meanings to it like: be different, or be grateful for your health, or even be fearless. All these different meaning pertain to my life every single day. In the book Madeline is very different from everyone else because she does what she wants and does not fear what is in front of her, (She growled at a tiger.) which is something I tell my niece every time I see her. It’s okay to be different then everyone else and she should not be afraid of anyone. At the end, I found it funny how all the little girls were crying that they wanted their appendix taken out but Miss Clavel told them to thank the lord they are well. This made me laugh because it reminded me of when I cried to my mom that I wanted a cast on my arm like my brother. She told me the same thing Miss Clavel said and now that I ‘m older well, I’m very happy I haven’t broken a bone.

Part Three

The setting of the book took place in the town of Paris, the home in which the little girls and Miss Clavel stayed, the hospital, and the room in which the girls slept in. The story is told through third person point of view because the book says things like, “Little Madeline sat in bed” and “Miss Clavel turned on the light.” The plot of the book happened when Madeline was rushed to the hospital for her appendix.

Part Four

Objective: Students will be able to create a poem using rhyming words.


  1. How many little girls lived in the house?
  2. What are some things that made the girls frown?
  3. What was the biggest surprise by far that Madeline had?

Activity: The students will need to create a poem about their home using rhyming words.

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Reader Response Blog for Smoky Night

Part One

  1. Bunting, E., & Diaz, D. (1994). Smoky night. San Diego: Harcourt Brace.
  2. Grades: First Grade- Third Grade

Genre: Non-Fiction Picture Book

Part Two

I actually really liked this book for the classroom. I think it is a great book that discusses conflict and how through tough times, you manage to get closer to people. Although this book was about how cats don’t get along, I think it can relate to many situations in real life where you may dislike someone, but in times of need you need to watch over one another. In the book, both cats did not like each other in the beginning but once they were in danger, they put their differences away and comforted one another until they were saved. I can relate this to my personal life at home with my brother. Now of course, I love him but there are times where we are arguing yet as soon as one of us is getting in trouble, the other is there to help defend. I enjoyed how the author took an “adult situation” but managed to make it very kid-friendly.

Part Three

The setting of the book took place in the apartment of the little boy, the streets outside his window, and the shelter in the church hall. The story is told through the point of view of the little boy because throughout the book he uses words like “I” and “her cat”. The plot of the book happened when the little boy and his mama had to leave the apartment due to an unexpected fire and he couldn’t find his cat.

Part Four

Objective: Students will be able to discuss what causes riots and write a paragraph about how people can avoid them from uprising.

  1. Why didn’t the little boy and his mama ever go to Mrs.Kim’s store?
  2. Where did the firefighter find the cats? What were they doing?
  3. After reading the book, do you think the little boy and his mama will start going to Mrs.Kim’s store? Why or why not?
  4. If you were awaken in the middle of the night to leave because of a fire, what 1 item would you take with you and why?

Activity: The students will be put into groups and will need to create a story that includes conflict between people. The students need to also come up with a problem that rises in the story in which then causes the people in the story to work together.

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WOW! I think I made it…

By Picrography from CC.
By Picography from CC.

There were three goals I wanted to meet in this Janterm class and they were: to understand the technology that is being used to teach, being able to create material online to use in the classroom, and to create an overall project based learning project. Before I took this class, I was very “old school” in the sense that I wanted to stay away from technology use in the classroom. I am a believer that teachers can teach things and subjects that computers cannot. But after learning about the different ways you can use technology in the class, I realized that computers are not put in the classroom to distract, rather they are there to help the teacher. My Cool Tool Duel Project I realized this was useful when we did the Cool Tool Duel Project! Although it took a while for me to get the hang of it, I actually really liked my video and could really see myself using that in my classroom. I realized videos like that help kids when they are at home so they can re-watch the material they did not understand. After doing the many projects in the past month, I can say that I am more aware of all the cool technology tools out there and I feel so awesome about it! I think I’m just excited because I was never a “tech-junkie” so by learning new tools I can use in the classroom I feel more “modern” and it makes me look more “tech smart” (even though the videos are really easy to make).

Here is a picture of a boy who is happy with the use of technology in the class! (From Elementus in CC)

Overall, this class went by VERY fast paced and although it was rigorous at times, it really did make me realize technology is our friend in the classroom. I think if it used correctly and at the right time, it can really change the learning environment in the classroom for the better.

Here is my Final PBQ! I hope you all enjoy it and enjoyed this class as much as I did!