Before I began college, I was never really was familiar with ePortfolios. It actually wasn’t until last semester that I began building one and really knew what it was. My take on the ePortfolios were it’s an electronic portfolio that is obviously online and is used to store your information throughout your educational path. The only benefits I saw were it’s a good place to store your important papers and documents (like a USB share drive except an actual portfolio) yet also allows people to comment on your work. I think it is very beneficial to have one throughout college because as i go farther in my education, it is important to keep record of all your papers and important projects so when you graduate you have everything on file. I really only saw ePortfolios as a “storage space” but after I saw this video I realized it can actually be used for more.

With students in elementary I find it difficult to use ePortfolios just because I feel majority of their work is done on paper rather than online so I don’t really see how it would benefit them. But in students from sixth through twelfth grade I think ePortfolios are beneficial because it allows students to save their work and also makes it easier for teachers to give feedback. I was researching more on e-portfolios and came upon this PowerPoint that discusses what it is, how to use it, and how it is beneficial to students.

After viewing it, I realized e-portfolios not only save paper but are the route to go in today’s classrooms. I would have my students create one and have them save their work from all year in my class. I would use it as a way to communicate with them and correct their papers. After leaving my class, I would ask them to save at least one assignment from the years to come that way when they graduate they can see the progress of their education.

One thought on “ePortfolios

  1. I enjoyed how you shared your experience with ePortfolios and how you use it today for your classes. I also agree with you that I do not know how well ePortfolios would work for elementary students, but with how technology is progressing, they could be using them as a tool to keep track of their work in near future. I also believe that is a neat idea to have your students save at least one assignment out of the year so in the future they look back and see how much they have accomplished.


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