Social Media

I believe just like Clay Shirky, that social media is changing the world. With technology rising by the day, social media is as well. There are more tweets and Facebook posts by the day so it would only make sense to take advantage of this social media instead of ignoring it.

Personally, I like social media for the reason that it allows me to connect with others virtually and see what everyone’s up to in their lives. I also like the fact that in the speed of light, something important can go viral. For example, Clay Shirky gave the example of the earthquake that happened which forced change in China. A few months ago there was a huge fire back home and I actually knew about it before it was on the news simply because of Twitter. Social media is very beneficial because it not only allows you to connect with people but allows you to know things very quickly. But just like there are pros to social media, there are also many cons like cyber bullying and people posting negative things about you on the Internet. (Warning the trailer may be a but scary)

Now although that was a bit extreme, I do think that the trailer shows social media can really affect someone to the point of suicide. I think this is a great point to bring up in the classroom as well because it is important to address the issues that arise with social media to kids. Besides addressing issues to kids, I think social media can have a positive impact in the classroom because it allows kids to connect with each other and the teacher in a whole other way. I was having a difficult time coming up with examples on how to use it in the class so I researched and came upon this blog that shows 100 ways to use social media in the classroom titled : 100 Inspiring Ways to Use Social Media In the Classroom.

Overall, as I said earlier, social media is rising by the day and it is important for teachers to incorporate it in the classroom because it a tool that not only affects our students but society as a whole.


2 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. Social media is definitely on the rise by the day. I too, said that it is essential that educators should incorporate a segment of social media in the classroom. Lets just say that educators focus on how cyberbullying affects individuals. If more people were allowed the chance to open their eyes and see exactly how cyberbullying affects the person targeted, they might just stop what they are doing because it is simply wrong.

    I do not believe cyberbullying can be terminated, but it could definitely slow down. If more students were exposed to how it affects people and learn that what they say actually hurts, they can not only apply that to themselves but maybe they could spread the word. After all, isn’t word of mouth one of the best ways to learn about something?


  2. The “Unfriended” trailer is so scary! Thank you for posting it, though. I think it is really eye-opening. Social media can be a weapon for those with bad intentions. It is kind of like a double-edged sword. If used correctly, it will definitely help evolve mankind to another level (as it already has!). If used by a person with bad intentions, social media can be deadly (literally and figuratively). I think the best way to protect oneself is to be educated in social media and not be too public with personal information or whereabouts.

    I think you brought up a great point about social media informing us of important events. I think it’s impossible to be on top of the news 24/7, and if a really bad national disaster strikes, sometimes you don’t know about it until it alerts you. We have the Amber Alert setting in our cellphones now, but other than that, we really have no way of knowing important or major events unless we turn on the radio, television, or happen to be online at the moment. You brought up a great point about Twitter informing us of an event before it actually hits the news. That is one powerful tool. To sum it up, I think that social media can be positive or negative depending on the person using it.


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