Project Based Learning

For as long as I could remember there has always been project based learning in my classroom. In elementary I would be assigned projects like, “You are the teacher, how would you teach your class how to multiply?” In middle school, it would be more projects like, “How are you the scientist, going to solve the problem of global warming?” And in high school it would be more analytical questions pertaining to the subject we were discussing. I feel Project Based Learning is not anything new because it has been around since I as long as I could remember. I feel Project Based Learning continues to grow in classrooms, because with technology rising, it is very easy for students to google the answer therefore teachers need to create more thought-provoking questions to get the students engaged in what is being taught to them.

I believe there are many advantages to project based learning because of the fact that is is all about “thought provoking” questions, it forces students to think outside the box. Instead of your typical “What is 2+2=?” question, project based learning allows students to critically think, collaborate with other students, and work on their communication skills , which in reality are skills that they are going to use for the rest of their life. I think many students complain that what they learn in the classroom is not useful nor important unless you are furthering your education in that field. ( I agree since I don’t remember even a tad bit of Chemistry from high school.) But with project based learning, I feel it is actually very beneficial to students since it is giving them real life scenarios but with topics that are being learned in class

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Now the only disadvantage I can think of with project based learning is that when working in group projects, one student may do more work than others or there is no “team work” but I think that students can learn from situations like those because in the “real world” you are forced to deal with people who are either lazy or want everything their way.

Now one may think that project based learning is most effective with high school students since they are older but I came across a YouTube video that shows how project based learning is effective in elementary school. 

The reason I brought up this video is because I want to be an elementary school teacher so I was looking up videos that will pertain to me and my students. Now that I know project based learning is effective in any grade level, I was researching ideas on projects pertaining to the elementary school level and came across this website that I think all of you may find effective since it has project ideas (unfortunately only for English) for all grades! Language Arts Project Based Learning for all Grade Levels.


One thought on “Project Based Learning

  1. I agree 100% with you about the distribution of duty within a group. One student ends up doing all the work while the other members are along for the ride. I believe that if anything groups should be no larger then three members. Also I liked the point you made about the importance of the driving question. It never occurred to me about the power of a simple question to kick start a project.


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