Wikis in the Classroom

Although I am not the biggest fan of the use of technology in the classroom, I personally really like the use of wikis. I have actually used them before in previous classes and I found it extremely helpful when working on group projects. I think it is an awesome way to collaborate with people in your group but also be able to work on the assignment based on your schedule. I do not know if this would be useful for the younger crowd of students but I most definitely know that for students in high school and college, this is an awesome tool to use in case you cannot get the assignment done in class. I think the most impactful thing about wikis is that everyone has access to the same document and everyone can work on it at different times. One negative thing that may come up with wiki’s is people may take the editing of another person too personal. Or, one person may end up doing all the work, but the cool thing about wiki is that the teacher has access to see who wrote what, so everyone will be accredited to what they submitted.

I was curious to see how teachers reactions were to Wiki, was so I searched on YouTube and found the video below. I think depending on the age group of children and the assignment, I will most definitely be using Wiki in my classroom and in future projects that I have for myself.


3 thoughts on “Wikis in the Classroom

  1. Yeah I completely agree, I am not a big fan of putting too much emphasis on technology in the classroom. I know we’re in the 21st century and everyone wants to move forward and make everything a machine or computer, but I think it is really important (especially in school) to have that face-to-face contact so students continue to improve on their social skills. I do however think some technological tools can be useful in the classroom, like Wikis. They are a great way to collaborate and students will still have to learn problem-solving skills and how to work well with others.


  2. KAssy, I enjoy your perspective coming from previously using wikis in previous classes and explaingingbenefits of wikis. I personally agree with you that they are helpful with collaborations between people to complete assignments. I also enjoyed that you showed the perspective of teachers and their opinoins about wikis. They are helpful tools that I believe will be used more and more frequently as technology progresses.


  3. I love that you posted a video of teacher reactions to wikis. That was interesting to watch. I completely agree with you… I’m not sure how this would help the younger students, but it’s definitely a great advantage for the older crowd. Having access to the same document through wiki really makes group projects or online projects much easier.


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